Yoga Teacher Trainings

What sets you apart from millions of yoga instructors?

Gain the expertise and knowledge you need to fuel your passion with confidence.
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"Through Ki's teaching I gained more knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy, asana, and most importantly, myself and my own practice. Her teachings leave you feeling inspired, motivated and confident - three ingredients that inevitably prompt the spirit to grow."
-Alli, 500 Hour Student
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Anatomy & Physiology

Advance your knowledge of the body with anatomy & physiology lessons you can apply to yoga practice. Learn how to make sequencing classes quick and easy, while providing safe and intelligent classes for your students.
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Rubber Band Method

Learn the safest approach to hands-on assisting. You'll learn about connective tissue, body mechanics, boundaries & safety, working with trauma and much more. Learn adjustments suitable for one-on-one or group class settings.
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Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Theming

Yoga is traditionally a practice that teaches us to look inward and learn how to quiet the mind. Through the ancient yoga texts we learn about philosophy, pranayama, meditation and how we can help our students evolve their inner practice through class themes.
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Business for Wellness Professionals

It's one thing to learn how to teach, it's another to know how to run a successful business teaching yoga. Every Yogapreneur should have a business plan, a target audience, a unique offering and know how to deliver that offering from one-on-one, to workshops and retreats.
"Kiara’s style of instruction is direct, engaged and passionate. With a natural emphasis on anatomy, Ki is extremely knowledgeable. Her passion for science paired with her ability to make complex concepts understandable and relatable allowed me to meet her where I was and grow into where I am today."
-Micah, 200 Hour Graduate

Ki Yoga Teacher Trainings

Become a Master Teacher & Master the Business of Yoga
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6 Courses

 Yoga Anatomy Basics
 Anatomical Sequencing
 Rubber Band Method
Theming Thru the Sutras
Business for Wellness Professionals

Hundreds of Lessons

 Audio Lectures
 Recommended Reading
 PDF Downloads

Paced Learning

Each program is built with 3 months of access, allowing you ample time to learn at your own pace. Included with every course are downloads you can keep to continue learning after the course expires.

Personal Guidance

There's a real instructor behind every course available to answer your questions. Ki Yoga online courses are no different than in-person trainings. Contact your instructor if needed with questions as you learn.

Trainings & Topics

Yoga Anatomy Basics

Language of Anatomy
Understanding Bones
Connective Tissue & Joints
Joints in Motion
Quadriceps & Hamstrings
Muscles of Thigh & Hip
Primary Core Muscles
Shoulders & Rotator Cuff

Anatomical Yoga Sequencing

General Class Outline
Class Writing Formula
Asana Breakdown
How to Write Classes
Sample Sequences
Sequencing Worksheet

Rubber Band Method

Principles of Hands-on Assists
Tenets of Touch
Rubberband Theory
Safe Body Alignment
65 Yoga Adjustments
Working with At-Risk Groups
Private & Public Applications

Theming Thru the Sutras

28-Day Daily Meditation
Yoga Sutras Guidance
Applying Yoga Sutras to Life 
Class Themes

Business for Wellness Professionals

Writing a Business Plan
Offering Privates
Workshop Creation & Implementation
Marketing & Pricing
Hosting Retreats

Somatics: Chakras & Energy Body

History of Chakras
Diagnosing Chakras
Healing Chakras
Asana, Meditation, Pranayama
Kriya, Mudra, Bandha
Subtle Energy Work & More

What students say

My experience learning under Kiara was phenomenal. Her dynamic teaching style made understanding the materials and postures easier. Her array of knowledge in every layer of yoga (asana, anatomy, meditation, etc) made learning with her interesting and relatable.
— Kristin, 200 Hour Graduate
Kiara puts all of herself into her teaching. She provides not only a space of deep introspection but a sacred space to learn about oneself. I’ve also never experienced a teacher who can interweave anatomy so well with a heavy emphasis on breath and alignment. I have never been more inspired by such a strong & loving person.
— Hannah, 500 Hour Student
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